A Breath of Art and Fresh Air

My year is always incomplete without at least an annual trip to Kerala to visit family, and this time I planned my time there to coincide with Vishu and the temple festival at the Kanichukulangara temple. Plus, I had a new niece and nephews to hang out with! There were Kathakali and classical music performancesContinue reading “A Breath of Art and Fresh Air”

Taking the HTC One A9 for a Spin

Since I’m used to making manual adjustments to my camera to satisfy my vision for the images that I create, I’ve occasionally caught myself wanting the same flexibility in my phone. A little adjustment to shutter-speed here to capture light trails, a wider aperture for shallower depth of field, and a lower ISO to haveContinue reading “Taking the HTC One A9 for a Spin”

Flyp@MTV Launch

I was invited for the launch of Flyp@MTV and had a great time checking out Ranveer Brar’s innovative dishes, watching stand-up comedian Sanjay Rajoura do a short set, and guzzling cocktail after cocktail (not the best thing to do, as I discovered, the morning after).